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The Importance of Success Planning

The success of a business begins the same moment you start envisioning and planning. For a proper plan, business owners need to include an effective management strategy, understand the target industry’s environment, determine its business process and formula, and successfully implement the plan actions. Despite the fact that planning and management include unique functions, it is important to consider that they need to be integrated. Delegating planning just to a “planner” without involving the top management consulting often leads to failure.

To ensure financial security, it is important within the planning strategy to pay attention to the day-to-day activities as well as to the mid-term and the long-term direction of the business, including the protection of the assets. Success Planning can be broken down into the following:

Performance, Expansion and Trend Analysis

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Once the business has set its goals, it is recommended to evaluate the business performance and financial ratios. These analytics allow a business to compare its data with the data and variables of the competition to analyze the comparables and know where the business is standing in the market.

Important Financial Considerations

  • Periodic Financial Trends and Comparisons
  • Portfolio Performance, and Timing
  • Asset Protection and Plan to Sell Business

Business Transaction Due Diligence

Accurate evaluation of a business or its assets for a business or personal investment transaction will improve significantly based on the information available. Before committing, the buyer would want to know what he or she is buying and the obligations and contingencies assuming. Please be aware that due diligence findings impact the transaction purchase price. Performing due diligence has the potential to avoid costly investment mistakes as well as increase gains in the transaction.

The investment transaction due diligence process involves the inspection of many records to determine relevant potential values and risks, some of these records are:

  • Organization and good standing
  • Financial information
  • Physical assets, inventories and locations
  • Real estate
  • Insurances
  • Taxes and Financial Statements
  • Intellectual property
  • Licenses and permits
  • Environmental aspects
  • Agreements with vendors or other parties
  • Business personnel structure
  • Products or services
  • Marketing
  • Customers Portfolio
  • Vendors or distributors
  • Employees
  • Management
  • Processes: Internal Controls
  • Effective Policies and Procedures
  • Legal Opinions
  • Other Independent Third Party Experts or Appraisals
  • Past Transactions
  • Regulatory Authorities Reports or Notices
  • Much more…

Selling Your Business

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When selling a business, usually the first question is: “How much is it worth?” Valuing the business accurately is the key point to obtaining the return expected when the business opened its doors. All aspects of the business must be evaluated and considered, some variables could be subjective, but the most attention should be focused on the objective variables; certainly the most important is the ability of the business to generate income, the actual cash flow and future sales, and the value of its assets.

Areas of Valuation

  • Company Assets, Goodwill, Intellectual Property
  • Profitability
  • Liquidity
  • Revenues and Ratios
  • Investment Feasibility Analysis

Get Your Business Valuation and Sales Strategy with Us

Business Valuation is a technical science of credible financial theory that you want a skilled expert to analyze. At Rosillo & Associates, we are here to work with you and your experts in evaluating every factor that can affect positively or negatively the valuation accuracy to determine the best selling point of your business. We rely on the expert services of The Valuations and Forensics Group Advisory to provide a formal valuation opinion.

Business Transfer Strategy

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Setting realistic deadlines is important at the time of planning your transfer strategy; those deadlines should include the intention the business owner has regarding the amount desired to sell for, the proper time needed to plan the sale and properly transfer the business, something that many business’ owners do not prepare for well enough in advance; it is often found that many business owners fail to analyze and prepare for their retirement years, so this analysis, process and thus timing may impact your ability to transfer or sale for the best price needed for your retirement and financial security.

Business owners benefit enormously when considering in the plan the sale or transferring of the business in the future, and keep it hand-in-hand with their personal financial plan, which includes the individual budget and personal financial statements. Having the financial goals, and current financial position of the business as well as the business owners being up to date in their financial records and fiancnial position, makes it easier to assist you throughout the process of selling your business when the time comes.

Wealth Protection and Estate Planning


If you have substantial assets or are coming into a windfall from a sudden wealth event like the sale of your business, a transfer, or an inheritance, there are several “money moves” you should consider to best protect your wealth. You need a financial plan to secure the lifetime of your assets, and protect it from high tax rates, from creditors, inflation, bad investments, and from unexpected life events. Remember those with more assets are bigger targets for lawsuits. Protect your assets and sleep soundly.

Protecting your wealth is something that you must handle on time and review often as life events happen. It is very important to obtain help from specialists to make sure that your financial plans cover and protect you and your loved ones. The most common options to protect your wealth are:

  • Create Asset Protection Plan, Structure and Agreements
  • Separate Investment Entities
  • Set up a Trust
  • Create a Will
  • Assign a beneficiary
  • Transfer Assets Accordingly, Legally
  • Authorize trusted representatives

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